Sunday, November 29, 2015

Basics of Braids and Buns

Putting your hair in a bun is a great way to get it out of the way. Most dance and ballet classes require a bun, which is why it is important for me to go over it.  A bun starts with a ponytail, it helps to make sure the ponytail is tight because the strength of the bun depends on that. In this section, I'll go over the steps to do a bun and how to keep it secure.

  • Start with a Ponytail: You'll need to begin with a high ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is tight to the head, so it has a good foundation. Typically a bun is positioned near the top of the head in the center, but the position is up to you. 

  • Beginning the Bun: You'll begin by twisting the hair and working it around the base of the ponytail as it goes around the base, you will continue to twist it until you get to the end of the hair. At this point, you'll secure it with bobby pins or a hair pin. 
  • Other Bun Ideas: When you get the hair in a ponytail, you can braid it and wrap that around the base of the ponytail to create an interesting bun. I have seen 3, 4 and 5 strand braids wrapped into buns, as well as rope and fishtail braids. Each of them make their own unique look, so you don't need to fear a boring bun. 

The braid is a simple way to contain the hair and can be used for style just as much as it is used as a function. It keeps the hair together, preventing it from getting tangled or dirty. It can also be used to add a cool look to your hair. Braids can be used in so many ways, but in this section I will keep things basic by going over the 3 strand braid.

  • 3 Strand Braid: This is the most common braid and one of the simpler braids to do. You will begin with 3 even groups of hair. The first step will be to take one of the outside groups of hair and cross it over the middle group; this will now be the middle group for the next move. Now, take the group from the opposite side and cross it over the new middle. Those two steps over and over will create your 3 strand braid. When you get close to the end, you will want to hold it in place with a small elastic. 

  • Braided Elastic Coverup: This is an interesting style I use often just to conceal an elastic. You'll begin with a ponytail and grab a small group of hair from the side of that ponytail. You will braid the small section of hair till the end and place an elastic on it to hold it in together. Now you will wrap that braid around the base of the ponytail to cover up the elastic. When you reach the end, tuck it under the elastic you are hiding and adjust it to completely conceal the elastic. 

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  1. the trend of Braids and Buns is in now a days.Though It was always in but now all genders take interest in these fashion trend.thanks for telling basic steps.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting.