Sunday, November 29, 2015


Learning how to properly detangle hair is one of the biggest skills you can learn when doing hair. I think it is important to evaluate the hair to see how severe it is tangled. If the hair is in bad shape or is sticky from food/candy/childhood, you'll be better off getting your child to shower and properly wash it and using a conditioner combined with a wide tooth comb to get out the tangles. If you can get away with using detangling spray and a brush, you may not need that. Experience will teach you when it is necessary to use more than just a brush and spray. In this section, I will go over the basics of detangling to help you create hair that is ready to be styled in your fashion.

  • Evaluate the hair: Use your fingers to comb through the hair and see how it will be. If the hair feels extra dry and sticks to your hand when you comb through it, you may want to use a detangling spray.

  • Detangling: With all of the hair back, start with one section of the hair on either side. Grab the section of the hair and brush out the tangles starting at the bottom of the hair. As you brush out the tangles, you can work your way up the hair  until you eventually  get to the top of that group of hair. One section at a time, you will brush out the tangles and then pull that group of hair to the side and get started on the next. Working in small sections prevents the head from being pulled so much and allows you to work out tangles in smaller groups. 
  • Preventing Tangles: There are many ways to prevent tangles, but these are some that have helped me along the way. Braiding the hair is my best weapon against tangles. If your child is active like mine, you will find that braids keep the hair together and prevent it from creating knots while it is moving around. Another thing I use to prevent tangles is leave-in conditioner. It coats the hair and prevents it from sticking together. 


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  4. I have seen this video but I can't believe that we can detangle our hairs easily as you have described in above video. If it is true so this product is rally very amazing. I have never seen such type of detangling comb or brush.

  5. Once more, you're detangling technique relies on upon your surface and hair sort. As per normal beautician Janelle Sands, dry, coarse, or firmly twisted and wound hair "ought to utilize wet detangling just when weighed down with dangerous conditioner. For extreme tangling, finger detangle with coconut oil before wet detangling with conditioner." And looser twists, thick, and heavier thickness hair sorts can "softly spritz with entering oil like argan before dry detangling with an oar brush or Denman brush before and amid a purifying session. After a purging session, coat your strands with a smoothing conditioner before brushing or brushing."

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