Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Tools

The right tools can help make the process much easier and faster. I will share some of the tools I use and information that I have learned along the way to help you pick out what you will need.

  • The Hair Brush:  This should be in everyone's toolkit or hair drawer. This tool is the most used and will get you farther than anything else. Some things to consider about hair brushes is that they have a lifespan, and should be replaced every other year at least. You should look for a brush with soft tips that flex and a cushioned head to help prevent hurting your child. I don't recommend cheap brushes, they are often very hard and painful against the scalp, also they don't have the give necessary to prevent breaking the hair when you encounter a tangle. Spend a little extra and find a brush that works best for you. 
  • Detangling Spray:  This spray helps coat the hair and allows it to slide to undo tangles. Some detanglers change the PH of the hair which prevents it from sticking to itself. They make many different types of detangler and I recommend shopping around. You'll find a spray that works great for your child's hair type, which makes the process much easier. The spray can help for those with fine hair, by making it more manageable. 
  • Wide Tooth/Detangling Comb: When you come across a tangle that won't easily undo itself, it is time to pull out a detangling comb. This will allow you to work out the tangles easily if you use this with a detangling spray. 
  • Fine Tooth/Styling Comb: This comb will come in handy when you are trying to smooth out hair or prep it for a braid. The pointed end is great for creating parts in the hair or dividing groups of hair for a style. 
  • Elastics: They come in all different shapes and sizes. I prefer to stay away from elastics with metal clamps because they often catch hair and cause breakage. 
  • Hair Clips: These handy clips can be used to hold hair in place and to add some style in the process. 
  • Bobbi Pins: These are used to hold hair in place and are usually meant to be hidden. They can be used to keep a bun secure or to secure a braid. 


  1. Fantastic guide, thank you for sharing. I once ate a haircut of my daughter. After several unsuccessful attempts, we went to them here My daughter was very happy and grateful to me for it. Share videos like this can be done with the hairstyle, some tools are not enough. Thank you.

  2. Where can we find the dedanglers, can u make them At home? they don't seem to sell this in shops.

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